Home can be a place of refuge, security, isolation or violence. House forms tend to represent us autobiographically or as a society. They can symbolize where we are from or who we are. The types of experiences we have had may be communicated through aspects of the house form, state of the house, or what is included or left out of the house.

In this piece, each house indicates a stage in my life; each carefully set on top of and built from the others below it. It may seem precarious, but it has a strong foundation and is currently stable. Trials and triumphs are present in each house, all of which were necessary in shaping who I am today and shaping this form overall. These houses symbolize how we need the trials and the triumphs in our lives in order to grow.

I titled this piece “Trying my best”, because I am always trying my best to see the good in the bad times, and to make the best out of them in the end. I have realized that the bad is necessary to see and realize the good, and that a positive outcome can come out of any trial with a strong foundation of faith. Type your paragraph here.

Trying My Best, 2016
Steel houses welded into a stack

Approximately 14" X 14" X 36"