Prayer House, 2016
Simple wooden house frame with paracord and handmade paper
4' x 5' x 8'

In the creation of this piece, the Prayer House, I encouraged other Christians to come alongside me and practice writing out their prayers. Their prayers were then woven into the walls and roof of this small house structure I constructed from wooden boards and paracord. After this was complete, I displayed the piece in a gallery space amongst people from all walks of life and faith. People were able to enter into the house and read over 300 prayers written by hundreds of strangers. The use of repetition within this piece is meant to reiterate the power and importance of prayer to all who enter. The Bible talks about the church as a “House of Prayer”, and by using the members of my church to create a literal house of prayer I hope to illustrate a Biblical truth that is a cornerstone of my faith. Whether or not the viewers of this piece believe in a higher power, or in the power of prayer, I hope that they can at least see the power of many people coming together to do something positive.