Interlock, 2015

Varied dimensions, fits within 8'X10'

By definition, an interlock is used to help prevent a machine from harming its operator or damaging itself by preventing one element from changing state due to the state of another element. The three elements of the piece are not able to be rotated without affecting one of the other elements. If you were to turn one piece without turning the others, it would likely fall off the wall, become tangled or damaged in some way; thus making the pieces an interlock.

This piece was created by first welding together a steel skeleton, and then weaving onto the skeleton with various yarns. The repetition of wrapping and weaving is a meditative process for me, and I take great pleasure in the methodical and oftentimes tedious nature of my process. Combining things that are hard and soft or sturdy and fragile, references the fragile nature of our existence, and how without a solid foundation of beliefs, our lives would unravel. The three pieces of the interlock talk about our three lives; the spiritual life, the work/school life, and the personal/family life. If one element moves without including the others, our existence can become unbalanced and potentially harmful. It is the balance of the three elements that creates a happy, balanced life!