Contentment, 2016

Varied dimensions; curtain fabric and paracord

Contentment  was part of the 2016 Installation Nation at the Indianapolis Arts Park, hosted by Primary Colours. Contentment means to be “satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else”. Adults and children alike were able to enjoy a gentle ride in my installation of 28 colorful fabric swings. Participants chose to sit, swing, converse, nap, read, or just relax while they became a vital part of the life of the project. Upon sitting down into the swings, each participant felt the closeness of the fabric mimicking a blanket wrapped tightly around the shoulders, that invoked a sense of safety and security. Even the color scheme was meant to calm and relax the viewer into a state of contentment, and the gentle hugging and rocking of the swing was meant to comfort and calm the mind.